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Having issues with your screen? Does your screen suddenly become unresponsive? Does the touch sensitivity become inefficient? Or has your iPhone screen completely shattered and needs to be replaced immediately? If you are looking for the answers to all these questions, then you have come to the right place. In the current era of the internet, it is easier for people to find information on any and every topic. Here is a list of the possible issues you could have regarding your iPhone’s screen, and how to fix them.

Fixing iPhone’s Touch Sensitivity Issues

In some cases, iPhone users who may be experiencing touch screen unresponsiveness may not be aware that the origin of the issue could be, as simple as, reduced touch sensitivity of the screen. The iPhone screen’s touch sensitivity can be fixed using the 3D Touch sensitivity setting. First, go to the Settings function then tap on the “Accessibility” function. Once you have accessed the accessibility function, tap on “Touch” and then on 3D Touch or Haptic Touch. Make sure that this function is on and running. Then, simply increase the 3D touch sensitivity using the slider bar given below. On the off chance that this does not help, change your screen protector.

Unresponsive iPhone Screen

A common issue reported by iPhone users is a screen that can suddenly freeze. The frozen iPhone screen becomes unresponsive to the user’s taps and swipes. In order to repair this iPhone screen issue, you need to understand the pattern behind the unresponsiveness. Check if your iPhone screen becomes unresponsive while you may be using a specific application, or does it become unresponsive after using your iPhone for a continuous period of time? Secondly, ensure that your iPhone screen is clean at all times. In some cases, the screen protector may reduce touch sensitivity. Next, check the 3D Touch sensitivity setting on your iPhone to make sure the issue is not originating from there. Furthermore, if the issue continues, you can hard reset your iPhone by holding the on and off button along with the volume up or down button, for about fifteen to twenty seconds.

Broken Or Shattered iPhone Screen

Now, this iPhone screen is not for those who have zero experience with fixing an iPhone’s hardware. A broken or shattered screen makes it obvious that the iPhone is now in a sensitive position, which is why the iPhone user must proceed with caution. The best way to repair this iPhone screen issue is to seek professional help. Idoc Repair is the perfect option. Idoc Repair company is a mobile repair company that specializes in fixing both hardware and software issues, especially in repairing iPhones. This company is both reliable and effective in fixing iPhones.


Each iPhone screen issue requires different levels of attention and caution. It is important for you to analyse what is the severity of your iPhone’s screen condition. All iPhone users understand the value of their phone, mainly its luxurious status. Which is why it is always the wisest decision to seek professional help to repair your iPhone screen, and an even wiser decision is to employ the services of Idoc Repair.