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Breaking the screen of an iPhone is a near mini heart attack experience however worry not, because Idoc Repair is here to save you from the dilemma of a broken iPhone.

Screen Repairing?

Damages on the screen of an iPhone can be of several types. The damages depend upon how the iPhone broke. Damage can be of the front glass screen, which protects the LCD screen or the damage of the LCD screen itself.

There are two types of iPhone screen repair. One is front screen repair and another one is LCD screen repair. If only the front screen is lightly damaged or cracked but it is working properly then you only need to repair the front screen; also note that it is important to get it fixed because the cracks can widen up which means LCD screen will also become prone to damage. However, if the intensity of the damage is to the point where your iPhone is not running properly, the touch system is not working or you can see black bluish spots on the screen then it means that you will have to repair the LCD screen. The damage of an LCD screen is considered greater than the front screen damage because it operates the touch system of an iPhone.

Why choose Idoc Repair?

Idoc Repair lays great emphasis on the quality of its services. It uses genuine LCD and digitizer glass for OEM iPhones. The screens are perfectly fitted in the gorilla glass, which is known for its great quality. Idoc iPhone screen repair is currently present in Melbourne, where it provides screen repair services for all sorts of iPhones ranging from iPhone 5s to iPhone Xs along with all sorts of variations within them. The technical experts in Idoc Repair try to repair the damaged component of the iPhone though if the damage is beyond repair, they replace it with the genuine part. Idoc Repair places great importance to the genuine replacement because a genuine quality LCD has far better graphics and the color feature similar to that of original iPhones; but, LCD screens that are not genuine are even more prone to damage the whole iPhone, therefore, Idoc Repair is completely against of its notion.

If you are looking for affordable options for screen repairs and iPad repairs in the vicinity of Melbourne then Idoc Repair can be your top priority because iPhone screen repairing services here are not only of high quality but the pricing of them is also quite affordable yet genuine. Moreover, the technicians are highly experts; they know how to properly repair screens without further damage and are aware of the qualities of the screen being repaired. In short, they can easily distinguish between the genuine and cheap quality of the screens. Idoc Repair provides the one-year warranty service instead of 1-3 months. It also offers 7 days money-back guarantee to ensure the quality of the services it provides. Furthermore, it is easier to contact Idoc Repair iPhone screen repair since it has a call-out service option.

If you are looking for affordable yet high-quality screen repair solutions than Idoc Repair is your only destination. However, it is important to protect your iPhone with the glass protector from damaging it in the first place.