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Our phones are like our best friends, isn’t it? We are so depended on it that we cannot even think of even a day without it. But, in the haste of always keeping our phones with us and also, flaunting our latest iPhone, we drop them! While if you are super lucky, you and your phone may be able to escape without a scratch, but in all other cases, you may have to get your phone screen replaced. Also, there are some things that you should keep in mind after you have got phone screen repair Melbourne so that you can keep your phone safe in the future:

  1. Use a phone cover to prevent corner scratches and chipped off-screen sides.
  2. Use a Gorilla glass. Using a temper will make sure that the phone screen doesn’t get broken.
  3. Make sure that you keep your phone in a case. A phone case will ensure that you don’t forget your phone and also the screen doesn’t get broken.

But before you do all that, you need to first fix your current screen that is broken. Also, the first thing that you should after the screen cracks is that you should add a temper to it. It will prevent your screen from further damage, but you should remember that it is a temporary fix to protect your phone from major damage and to keep you safe form glass cuts, but it is not something that will work for a long time. It is only a band-aid on the broken bone – not very effective.

We, at IDOC Repair, do not believe in giving you superficial solutions. We believe that you should get the best results and for that, we replace your screen with original and quality-assured products that come with a warranty period of one year. Other than this, we also understand your preoccupations and thus, if your busy schedule is keeping you from visiting us at one of our two outlets, we offer doorstep iPhone repair services too. We come to your place and do all the repair work.

Another way we try to extend our services to people from near and far is with our mail-in service. Don’t let the physical boundaries stop us from helping you. All you have to do is download the mail-in form, fill it and post that along with the broken phone to us. Once we get the post, we repair the phone and once we get the payment confirmation, we ship it back to you.

Another way we, at IDOC, try to be of use is through the information that we offer on our website. With our article about smartphone and other related topics, we make sure that our clients always stay on top of the news. We encourage you to take a look around our website and know more about the rates that we charge and in-depth details about our range of services.

Broken iPhone/iPad/Samsung screen? Not a problem anymore! The fixers are on their way to help you!